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Anovis is supporting Lastline solution for Advanced Persistent Threat. Lastline's unique breach detection process integrates advanced threat detection capabilities seamlessly into your existing security portfolio.

Lastline detects unknown threats (APTs, ATAs, zero-days, etc.) specifically designed to evade first-generation APT sandbox appliances. When compared to competing approaches such as virtualization and OS emulation, Lastline's full-system emulation provides the deepest level of visibility into unknown malware behavior and is also the hardest for evasive malware to circumvent. The result is the successful detection of highly-evasive malicious attacks that others simply don't see.

Cover Everything

Lastline provides comprehensive breach detection of advanced and evasive threats across your entire enterprise — different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Android), physical and virtual hosts, services, users, network infrastructure and Web, email, content, and mobile applications.

Multiple layers of defense

Strategically position defenses across not only your perimeter, but also your data center, internal networks and distribution layers to add additional security and prevent lateral infection spread. Lastline software can be installed on standard server hardware or virtual instances, so deployment is possible in environments where the installation of an appliance is not.

Scale Predictably

Lastline's flexible software-based platform allows organizations to scale their breach defenses on a predictable basis, from a single location to an infinite number of remote, branch, and mobile offices. Licensing is done by user - not by location, appliance or bandwidth.

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